Monday, September 26, 2011

Hugs, Lungs, and Animal Crackers

I love hugs. LOVE THEM. I grew up in a big, loving family that likes to hug a lot. Bad day! Hug. You made an A, yay! Hug. You just brushed your teeth! Hug. Are you catching what I'm throwing, peeps? The Van Ackers/Cacibaudas are all about hugging it out. Maybe it's because we like each other, or maybe it's just because it makes it easier to secretly stick something to someone's back. Who knows, but due to this hugging obsession, hugs play a vital role in my life. They are #3 on my list of life's necessities, right under oxygen and pickles. When I lived at home, I was too lazy to walk downstairs for food/water/school binder/anything, but I would go down there just to hug my mom without even thinking about it.

Anyway, the point of this ridiculous tangent is that hugs are different when you get to college. I don't always hug people goodbye, because I'm probably going to see them in a few hours! You get hugs at church, but they are just the quick .253 second hugs. You don't get a really awesome hug often, and you certainly don't get any mommy hugs. But I can always count on my Critz girls for a good hug. It's normal for me to walk across the hall into Stephanie's room, hold out my arms, and say, "Hold meeee!" I think I need to start hugging people all the time again. Did you know you need 4 hugs a day to survive, 8 to function, and 12 to grow? Eat your veggies and get your hugs, people!

Remember that list of life's necessities I mentioned earlier? Well, I'm short on hugs, there aren't pickles in my fridge, and my lungs are crapping out on me this week. It's only a matter of time before my short little life ends! So tragic. The cold I caught from my infected friends has worked its way up to a nice little upper respiratory infection, just like I figured it would. I'm such a pro at being sick. I go to the doctor and tell them what's wrong with me, what I have, and the medicine I need. If only I could write my own prescriptions. Just think of all the money I could save!

Due to my mama llama lung drama, I never feel like walking up the steep hill to get to the Union/Perry to eat dinner, so lately my dinner has consisted of a nice, healthy bowl of animal crackers and peanut butter. Tonight I might even spice it up and throw in a fruit cup and Capri Sun! You're jealous. You would much rather eat my dinner than your nice, home-cooked meal. I know.

If you need to get your good deed out of the way for this week, I'm looking for a new pair of lungs. I'll even buy you dinner first! No old, black, smoker lungs, please.


  1. I'm giving you a cyber hug. And, other than my kids, I do NOT hug people. In fact, I hate when you go see someone at a a restaurant or something and they want to greet or say goodbye with a hug. I'M NOT A HUGGER, LEMME ALONE!!! But for you, I would make an exception.

    Go get something better to eat. Fruits and veggies, you're going to stay sick if you eat crapola. Take it from me, I know everything. Also, don't forget to get a flu shot, it's too gross living in such close quarters with all those other people.

    Now I'll end with a hug and a 'bless your heart.' That way I don't sound bitchy and bossy. You know, you can say WHATEVER you want, as long as you add 'bless her heart.' For instance, you could say, "Oh, poor Nancy, did you see how ugly her little baby is? Bless her little heart." It's like a superpower or something.

  2. You would make an exception for me? I'm honored. :) I can easily do the fruits and veggies, but a flu shot? Uggghhh. You don't do hugs, I don't do needles! But I know I need to get one. We already passed a cold around on my hall, so we could all easily give each other the flu. Boo.

    PS- It's 1:15 am, I'm trying to study for my quiz, and some girl down the hall won't stop trying to sing like Beyonce! It's not working for her, and I wish she would be quiet because she's awful! Bless her little heart. :)