Monday, December 10, 2012

Fall Semester Discoveries: Year 2

I absolutely cannot believe it's already the end of my 3rd semester here at State. Last year went by fast, but certainly not this fast. Now that I have a job and even more things to do besides just go to class, my weeks are always flying by! Where in the WORLD is my college career going?!

As always, college life is weird. Weird and hectic and occasionally scary, but mostly fantastic.

What did I discover this semester?

*Big girl life is HARD. Getting up early, going to class, going straight to work, going to a meeting right after work, cooking dinner, finally starting homework at 8pm, and collapsing on my bed as soon as I possibly can. Paying bills, paying for college, paying for groceries, paying for gas. I'm always exhausted. Partying on Friday night is hardly even an option anymore because I'm usually asleep by 11, if not earlier. It's hard to explain to my carefree, never-worked-a-day-in-their-life friends (that I love dearly), but that's okay. This lifestyle has put me on fairly normal eating & sleeping schedules. My insomnia doesn't even come around a lot anymore. HALLELUJAH.

*Here's what I've concluded about the life of the guy living above me: he never has homework or any type of responsibility, he's high a lot, he walks around in high heels, and he's a sex addict. And you're like, Alexa he's a guy. Duh. No. He has a problem. And we play a nice little game. I throw my sneakers at the ceiling and he's more obnoxious on purpose. Fun times.

*I never thought I'd meet anyone that loves Christmas time as much as I do. Then I met the gay guy living in the apartment down the hall from me. I absolutely adore him. 

*Don't wear high heels for 14 hours. You will end up in a medical boot forever and will have to do ridiculous physical therapy exercises to re-teach your muscles/tendons how to function. It's. Not. Worth. It. No matter how cute you look.

*Why is the stereotype for elementary ed majors girls who are stupid and looking for MRS degrees? Well. A girl in my elementary ed math class said that if you have $1,000 and you spend $200, you have $900 left. So. There's that.

*The guys here at MSU are some serious door holders. I'm a pretty big feminist, so I am really okay with opening a door myself, but MAN. It's almost adorable. They're always confused when I thank them so nicely. I just love kindness! And it's a whole new world to me. Before college, the only men that held a door open for me were my dad and brother. Maybe a good guy friend or two, and my prom dates. Seriously. That tells you what kind of guys I dated/wasted time on in high school.

*Got ya some serious baby fever? Have you passed the adorable Christmas baby outfits in Walmart one too many times? Come to work with me for a day. An HOUR. Your baby fever will disappear and you will suddenly be birth control's #1 fan. And that's all I have to say about that.

*Things that contribute to every man's "girls are psycho" campaign, courtesy of the girl sitting next to me in one of my classes: "He wanted to have lunch with a friend. So basically he's cheating on me." "AND THEN HE TALKED TO HIS MOM FOR 30 MINUTES!" "I don't get why he doesn't want to spend every second with me." "Oh yeah, I was yelling at him for taking too long to text me back." I'm so glad my mother raised me to be an independent, laid back, not-normal girl. I said a prayer for her boyfriend every time I heard her speak. Bless it.

*Rose Cacibauda's very bad luck continues to shine down on me, and this is confirmed every time I get assigned the WORST GROUP OF PEOPLE EVER for a group project. Which is every frickin time.

*I've never been a "live with no regrets" kind of person. I regret everything. I even get buyers remorse over little things. I regret asking too many questions, caring too much, staying up too late, saying how I feel, EVERYTHING. It's ridiculous. Until now, because I've suddenly decided to be one of those "no regrets" people. Ate two cookies instead of one? Oh well. Let your beliefs get you a C on a perfect essay because the teacher asked for your opinion on women's rights/liberation and didn't like it? (I AM LIVING IN THE 1950s, PEOPLE) Too damn bad. Made yourself look stupid? Story of my life. The sun is still going to shine tomorrow. And that's that.

*At the end of each semester, I'm always terrified that life will throw me another curve ball and the next semester won't be as great as the last. There are things about last year that I miss so much, but this semester has been so great. I thought I would have my whole life figured out after high school. I was SO wrong. It's certainly confusing and chaotic, but I wouldn't trade these years for anything!

A sweet old lady sat down next to me in Strange Brew one day and said the best thing I've ever heard. "Baby, life is simple. Always hug your parents, and give everyone your whole heart. Even if it feels dumb."

Amen to that. She didn't mention anything about using a lot of sarcasm, but I'm sure she just forgot to throw that one in there. :)

I can't wait to see what next semester has in store for me.

Happy Finals Week and Happy Holidays!