Friday, June 14, 2013

Five Things Friday: School's Out For Summer (but not really)

Man. I'm the worst blogger ever.

In my defense, I've started a new post four different times, but I just never get around to finishing it. I'll just go ahead and blame it on how much my daycare kids wear me out since that's what I blame everything else on these days. I think they siphon every ounce of energy out of me when I have my back turned. Okay, you distract her in that center, the others will cause a scene in the center right next to that one, and we'll stand behind her and take all of her energy! Annnnd BREAK!

1) Starkville summers are so freakin' fantastic. 
Seriously. I didn't fully believe it when my older friends told me how great they are, but I should have. The horrendous traffic is gone, every single place in Starkville is no longer packed 24/7, and there aren't obnoxiously loud parties at The Pointe on Monday nights. IT'S SO WONDERFUL. Even Walmart isn't bad, and I despise that place.

But really. I'm loving it. During June, I go to work at 7am, go to my summer class from 10-12, go to physical therapy at 12 or 1, and then get back to work right as my kids are waking up from nap time. After work, I hit the gym, do my homework, and try to actually make it into my bed before I fall asleep. If I'm not babysitting and don't feel like going out with my friends on the weekend, I stay in bed and sleep or lay out by the pool and soak up every second of peace and quiet. You guys take your sweet time coming back, ya hear?

2) I think I accidentally pissed off the Spanish Gods in my previous life.
I have yet to take a Spanish class and have a good oral exam partner.

Also, my teacher is great, but she found out that I'm good at Spanish and that it's my minor. And now she won't stop making sure everyone else knows it. If she keeps it up, there's a good chance someone in the class is going to find a locker and shove me into it. Or a trash can.

Have I mentioned how much I despise attention?

Moving on.

3) Our Spiderman, who art in Heaven.
When you spend 8-10 hours a day with kids, you end up with some good stories to tell. My kids have said some pretty hilarious stuff, but this will be my new favorite for a while.

Spiderman is a big deal when you're 4. One of my little girls is the cutest, sassiest (is that a word..?) little thing, and she LOVES super heroes-- especially Spiderman. We were outside on the playground and she was sitting with another girl not too far away from where I was sitting. I just happened to overhear her talking.

4yo: ..and he saves people, and he is so powerful, and he loves you soooo much!
Me: Aw, sweetie, are you telling her about God?
4yo: (looks at me like I have 10 eyes) No, Ms. Awexa.. I'm talking about Spiderman. Duh.

Duh. Because it's totally normal to talk about Spiderman like that. She was talking about it in the sweetest way, and 4 year olds love to talk about God, so I just assumed that's what she was talking about. We do a lot of Jesus talkin' since it's a church daycare, and they love to use God as a way to win their argument.

4yo: But WHYYY Ms. Awexa? (for the 53rd time)
Me; (after I've said every creative answer I have in my brain) Because I'm the teacher and I'm in charge.
4yo: Nuh uhhh. God is in charge. He is bigger than all of us. Even this whole school!

BOOM. Burn. Roasted. I mean really, what could I possibly say to that?

It looks like we are spreading God's love AND Spiderman's love around the daycare these days. Whatever floats their boats. When they start changing their snack-time prayer to, "Spiderman is great, Spiderman is good, let us thank him for our food," well.. that's when I'll be a little concerned. They "pray" to Santa Claus occasionally, but that is not a bubble I'm willing to burst.

They've been on their A-game this week, but you know what they say. A glass of wine every night is good for your heart. The other three are to keep a daycare teacher mentally stable. ;)

Just another day of sharing what we know about Spiderman's love for us. The usual.

4) The Happiest Place on Earth.
The two weeks I just got to spend with my family will probably always be my favorite days of 2013. The first week, I was home for Zoe's graduation and all of that good stuff. We are so proud of our little graduate!

JT got home a couple days after me, and then a week later my family packed up and headed to Disney World! Minus Zoe, because she rode with the band kids and got there the next day.

The number of times we had ice cream before our meals was absurd. And awesome.

 Medieval Times!

It was a perfect week. It all went pretty smoothly since we are Disney pros, minus the part where a tropical storm hit Florida on Thursday. FYI, Disney World stays open until there's a Category 2 hurricane. Mickey Mouse doesn't play around. You would think the lines would have been shorter, but oh no. Instead of a lot of people, it was just a lot of people with ponchos on.


However, JT and I were insanely lucky that day. Earlier that week, we had to leave MGM to make it to our dinner reservations at Be Our Guest, so JT and I gave our Rockin Rollercoaster fast passes to two random people. No big deal. On Thursday, just as we were walking up to Tower of Terror to get in line, a lady stopped us and asked if we wanted 2 fast passes. Then, later that same day, we were all going to ride the Toy Story ride for a second time but we were just going to wait the 70 minutes since it was our last day. But just as the four of us were walking up to get in line, a girl stopped us and asked us if we wanted 4 fast passes. Two times! In one day! I guess they mean it when they say what goes around, comes around.

 My badass Daddy doing his thing on Main Street with his band.

 At Norway in Epcot with JT. 1997 and 2013.

We ate at the new Be Our Guest restaurant in the Beast's castle. Props to my amazing mom who made reservations 6 months ago! JT and my parents were served the special "gray stuff" for JT's birthday and my mom and dad's 27th anniversary.

 "Try the gray stuff, it's delicious. Don't believe me? Ask the dishes!"

 Cutest parents in the world & the perfect example of being happily married.

 The food was amazing and the whole inside of the building is absolutely beautiful.

I love Disney World. I love the happiness, the magic.. and the ice cream. I love watching kids get so excited, and feeling as excited as a little kid even though I'm actually 20. After one of the fireworks shows, there was a little girl near me who was so happy she cried and said, "Magic is SO happy!!"

But more than that, I loved just getting to spend time with my family at our favorite place. We only get to see JT 2 or 3 times a year, so getting to spend 2 whole weeks with him made my heart feel like it was going to burst from happiness.

 Best brother and friend a little sister could ask for.

It was just so wonderful to have just the five of us together for a while. The five of us, starting our summer at Disney World, just like we've done every single year. It was like being in the best part of your comfort zone. I knew it would end quickly and my heart would hurt, because apparently my cold heart is warming up the older I get. The whole time all I could think about was the fact that it was probably the last time it would just be the five of us, and I wanted to hold on so tight, so that maybe time would slow down for just a day or two.

But it didn't. Life is changing so fast and I'm sure it's only going to change even faster from here on out. I guess it's not really changing in a bad way, but it's still change. And we all know how I feel about that. It's bittersweet, really.

I can't wait for the day that we aren't all spread out all over the map and I can see these weirdos on a regular basis.

5) Being a Cacibauda is probably the best thing you can be in this world.

But maybe I'm a little biased.