Monday, September 19, 2011

Reunions and Rain

Well. I've been here for a little over a month now. I haven't been arrested or kicked out, and I've managed to avoid being raped/attacked/stabbed/kidnapped, so these are all good things.. right?

Things have been quite eventful around here lately. I like keeping myself busy, but lately I've just felt like being lazy. Too bad I never have time to be lazy! I should start putting "be super lazy" on my to-do list every day. I had three tests last week, so being lazy wasn't really an option. I have my physics test this Thursday. Gag. I will gladly accept prayers, chocolate, and/or a noose.

Anyway! Last weekend, Jen and I took a road trip to Auburn for the Auburn/State game! We left State at 5 am, and met up with two of my friends from home, Sebastian and Jill. Then we drove back later that night after the game. It was a LONG day, but it was so much fun! Seeing Sebastian and Jill made me so happy. :)

Then it was test week. :( I survived my geography and psychology tests on Monday, and aced (read: I MADE A FREAKING 100!!!) my math test on Wednesday. We had Cowbell Yell (a pep rally thingy) on Wednesday night to get everyone pumped for our first home game on Thursday. I went with my sweet little Critz family! Have I mentioned how much I love them?

Stephanie, Audra, and myself at Cowbell Yell! They live on my hall. :)

Ready to hear the best part? Since ESPN and LSU fans invaded Starkville on Thursday for the game, classes were cancelled. Terrible Thursday was NONEXISTENT! The weather was super nice, and college football games are really fun! It was weird being at a football game and not being in a band uniform. I had lots of good times in band, but this was so different! I loved every second of it. Also, I don't care what kind of jokes are made about our cowbells, ringing those things are FUN. And painful. But still fun. :) Along with getting to watch a football game and make lots of noise with a cowbell, there are a few bonuses that are thrown in there that no one mentions. You know, like being slammed into by obnoxious boys and getting alcoholic drinks spilled on my clothes.

My roomie :)

Drue :) She lives on my hall and is Stephanie's roommate!


Then, the very best thing happened on Friday! I was reunited with two of my very bestest friends from home! We hadn't all been together since summer, so saying we were excited is an understatement! Courtney came up Wednesday night, and Ashley got here Friday. Ridiculous things always happen when we're together. I don't know how, it just happens! I'm pretty sure my mom was saying a prayer for every person in Starkville when she found out the three of us would be together all weekend.

But you know what they say, all good things must come to an end. I don't really like the person that came up with that. I started my Monday with wet hair, no coffee in my system, running on less than two hours of sleep. After my two classes I did some homework in the library, made a careless mistake on my easy cheesy math quiz, and realized I have no idea what I did with my physical science lab work that's due this week. Then I got to walk all the way across campus to my dorm in the pouring rain. And since my sweet mother was nice enough to share her TERRIBLE luck with me (thanks, Mom!), I was walking down what is probably the biggest hill on campus and slipped. And fell. While carrying a 10,000 pound backpack and holding food, a drink, and my keys. Yep. That happened.

If you're gonna do it, do it big.. right?

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