Thursday, January 3, 2013

It's Beginning to Look a lot Like Cacibauda Chaos

So, I realize the holidays have been over for a few days. But I've been busy doing important things. You know, like playing endless games of Ruzzle with my brother (and beating him :P) and reading a lot and putting myself in post-book depressions.

I'll blog about books later. Moving on!

There is nothing better than the holiday season at the Cacibauda household. I'm obsessed with Christmas, and if you've been around my family at Christmas time, you know that I get it honestly.

I drove down from Starkville on a Friday morning, and by that evening Mom and Lex's Christmas Cooking Chaos had already started. Gnocchi, ravioli, genettes, peanut butter balls, pies, etc. I've gone from my mom and Nana's little helper, to my mom's big helper, to the one in charge. My mom and I are the best team-- in the kitchen and in life in general.

A few days later, JT came home, and that's when the fun really starts. It's like we're kids, just older versions. We play a lot of video games, I always have someone to drag along when I have to run errands, and I know if someone walks by there is a 98% chance I'm going to get (playfully) poked/hit/pushed. Plus, it makes my parents happy to have all of their kids together. They don't even get the chance to completely miss the days when we were little, because it sounds like we're little kids when we're playing video games. "HEY! NO FAIR! I was so close to beating you!" Okay fine, it's mostly me that sounds like that when JT is beating me. Again.

We took pictures on Christmas Eve, as always. The silly ones are always our favorite.

Zoe doesn't really like pictures. And occasionally thinks she's Grumpy Cat.

We built gingerbread houses. I did my version of Cinderella's Castle that included the "Wishes" fireworks show, JT built a tree house with a crime scene inside, Zoe built a Doctor Who thingy, and Karley joined in this year and built a village. JT and I always try to top each other with our graham cracker creations, but mine included a countdown until we go back to Disney World, so we know who the real winner was this year. :)

We did Van Acker Christmas with my mom's side of the family, just like we always do. It's always one of my favorite parts about Christmas. I am thankful that I got to grow up around all of my cousins and even have extra-special relationships with a few of them now. Now they are all having babies, so I'm the one chasing their kids around just like they used to chase after me. We are always growing, and even gained another Van Acker cousin on the day of Van Acker Christmas. I can't wait to meet him!

Mom, two of her siblings, & their spouses. We love the old folks ;)
Cousins. What a crew. And we were even missing some that day!

 Speaking of a growing family, it's even happening in my immediate family. My big brother is engaged. It's not a surprise and, since my family loves to love (I told you I get it honestly), Karley has basically been part of the family since they started dating five and half years ago. She just gets to start the adventure of spelling her new last name for everyone in the fall. Yay! And let's be real. She is marrying into the best family ever and gaining the coolest in-laws. How lucky is she?

It's very exciting but still a little strange. It's obvious that my siblings and I are all going to date, marry, and have kids, it's just weird to think that my brother is old enough to get married. Wasn't he just 10 years old and picking on me? Oh, wait. That was last week at age 23. Some things just don't change. :)

Christmas 2010 (top) & 2012 (bottom)
It's been a really good break, even though it never feels like enough time. It's so fun having all of us together. My friends are always ready to go back to school after a week with their family, and I'm still not sick of mine after three weeks. I don't know what my parents did, but they must have done something right.

As far as 2013 goals go: Love more, even if it feels dumb, because you can't ever love too much in my book. Regret less. Take more risks, because I'm scared of everything and-- excuse the dumb cliche-- life is really just too short. Work on accepting that things change (GAG). Love on my sweet kiddos more, even on the days I want to literally cry over spilled milk. (Is it REALLY that hard to keep a cup on the table?) Stop letting people make me feel guilty for being me. Be a better person, because there's always room for improvement. End of list. Happy 2013!

Happy Holidays from the Cacibaudas. :) xoxo!