Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Life at Critz

My freshman year of college is basically over. I'm done with classes, I've packed up most of my room, and I've started studying for my three finals. 9 months ago, I was crying because my parents were leaving my terrified, non-girly self at a big school where I was going to have to live in a room the size of a closet and share a bathroom with 30 girls. Now, I'm crying because I'm taking down pictures and packing up my room as I listen to Drue cry, "Things aren't ever going to be like this again!"

Did you know that your whole life can flip upside down and then do one of those corkscrew things like on Rockin' Roller Coaster in 9 months? I didn't. I didn't know that I could make friends, lose friends, and start a "People to Avoid in Starkville" list in 9 months. I didn't know that I could learn to appreciate my parents and free food so quickly. I didn't know that I could end up caring about people I've only known for less than a year more than people I've known since Kindergarten. And I certainly didn't know that people I used to see all the time could end up being people that I only see when I awkwardly run into them on campus. How does all of that happen in 9 months? That's like 274 days. 6,576 hours.

I always thought that once I started college, everything would start to become concrete. My friends, my views on everything, my life plan. Obviously my concrete is still in liquid form, because everything seems to be temporary. I was so desperate to get away from high school and Ocean Springs that I guess I thought college would be nothing but smiles and sunshine. Uhh.. yeah.. it's NOT like that. There are lots of smiles and sunshine, but there are also lots of haven't-slept-in-three-days meltdowns and lots of rain. But there's something that surprised me more than everything I've babbled about, and that's how much I have fallen in love with Crappy Critz and the girls on my hall. 
Studying, Cowbell Yell, and Football Weekends
I was NOT looking forward to living on a hall with 30 other girls. I had no idea what I was getting into, and I was beyond terrified. I heard, "I'm so sorry!" and "You're living in CRITZ?! Oh.. my.." and lots of other awful things after I found out my housing assignment. I laugh every time I think about the first time I walked into our room and Jen and I gave each other a look that said WE ARE GOING TO DIE. But here I am 9 months later. Still alive, and so thankful I was put in Critz. Sure, it smells like baby formula/vomit most of the time, there's always someone obnoxiously screaming, and the bathrooms are G-R-O-S-S, but it's an adventure.
Painting shower curtains, Pretty Little Liars jokes, Local Culture, Bulldog Bash, & Stephanie's convertible
I really don't even know how it happened, but some of those girls have become part of my family. We spent so much of this whole year together. We watched each other's Cute Boy from Class turn into Boy That Actually Knows I Exist, jumped around excitedly after someone got back from a successful date party, and knew that hearing someone yell, "UGGGHHH WHYYYY" meant they needed a hug. We look out for each other, whether someone needs a DD, chocolate, or a "screw him, he's stupid anyway!"
Chinese in the hallway, trying to drive to Waffle House at 2am, Cowbell Yell, & birthday dinners
I love going back to my room knowing that someone will have their door open. I love our dinner dates, movie nights, and middle of the night study parties. I love jamming out/talking while trying to make the best of those disgusting showers. I love our weird sayings (Well Hells Bells.. thanks, Audra!) and making sure Morgan has showered. (No worries, she does. ;) LOVE YOU, MORGAN!) I love sitting in the hallway with Drue at 3am because we're hyper and our roomies are sleeping. I love hearing people say, "You are so lucky. My hall is not like that at all." They really are a blessing and this year would have been SO different without them.
Cookie dough bites, Sonic, Public Speaking videos, and fun nights out

Super Bulldog Weekend. Pass out at 3, wake up at 10, go out to eat & do it again ;)

 I really don't know how I'm going to say goodbye to these incredible girls next week. I thought living with a bunch of girls was going to be annoying. Sure, we get into spazzy arguments, take our bad moods out on each other, help each other procrastinate, and wrestle in the hallway (ahem.. Drue & Stephanie..). But I mean, we ARE still girls. What do you expect? :) It's like having a bunch of sisters. Sharing clothes, doing hair & makeup together before going out, eating ice cream, watching girly movies, complaining about boys.. that girly stuff totally happens. The movies weren't lying about that part!

Alright, I'm done with this sappy thing. Does this whole having feelings thing come with age, or have I just been around too many girls for too long? Ugh. I can't believe my freshman year is ending, but I'm so glad that these girls were such a big part of it. I can't wait to see what next year has in store for us, even if we won't be living right across the hall from each other. I love all of you so much!

The picture that's in our hallway. :) through sickness & in health.

We're not here for a long time, but we're here for a good time. :)


  1. Almost 3 months later... & I still have the estrogen from Critz. What the hellllll?! I miss you so much pretty girl. BFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF fo lyfe

    1. Uhhh yeah, me too. I think it's getting worse. I miss you so, so much. OF COURSE bffffff always. You have to stick around.. my kids are going to need Aunt Drue's life and fashion advice! Love you.