Friday, August 12, 2011

I'm A Big Girl Now!

I'm at big girl school! So.. I'm a big girl now, obviously.

They should change move-in day to something more appropriate.. like THE WORST DAY OF YOUR ENTIRE COLLEGE LIFE. Getting up at 3 am, driving 4 hours, moving lots of stuff in hot weather, and not getting to eat much makes for a cranky Alexa. Not to mention I had to say bye to my family. They were all pretty sad because they secretly love me A LOT. I cried like a baby, and then called my older brother and cried like a baby some more before my family was even completely off campus. Not that few tears kind of crying. NOPE. I was melting down like a popsicle in July, forreal. And don't you know that while I was sitting outside crying to my brother on the phone, 5 super cute boys walked by. And waved. And asked if I was okay. I mean.. REALLY?! Can you please talk to me when I'm cuter? Thanks.

But talking to JT made me feel better, because he's just good like that I guess. He said I had to give it more than five minutes.. and you know what? College was much more awesome a few hours later! Here is what I discovered: I get to do WHATEVER I WANT. Don't get me wrong, my parents weren't the psycho, sheltering, made-me-come-home-at-10 pm kind of parents. I had lots of freedom at home, but college is a whole new world! I got back to my dorm a little before 3 last night, and no one was waiting up for me. So weird. And if I feel like going somewhere at 3am, I totally can. How cool/weird is that? Okay, stop laughing at me.

My dorm is the size of a closet. I promise I'm not kidding. But it's really not bad, I'm already used to it. Although if Jen is at her desk and I need to get to my closet, I have to jump over her bed. And if I'm at my desk and she needs to get to the fridge or sink, she has to jump over my bed. But we just think of it as a game, and that makes it all better! The girls on my hall are so sweet, and people here are just nice in general! And seriously.. the boys are cute. REALLY CUTE. It just makes me happy. My friends that have already been here a few years have been really awesome. I went to dinner with some CSA (catholic student association) people on Thursday night, and I got to eat real food (instead of noodles and apple slices) tonight thanks to the wonderful Brittany Steer! Her and Dianna are the best. Did I mention I got REAL, FREE FOOD?! It's the little things, people. :)

I miss my parents, I REALLY miss my sister, and I miss my bed/shower even more than them. But college is awesome. I'm having so much fun! I feel like I've been here forever though. I'm so ready for classes to start! I need to stop eating and get into a class and gym routine, but I'm loving this free time I have! New friends are awesome, Jen is a wonderful roomie, and I still have money in my bank account! I'm liking this college thing already. :)

Oh, and some of my classes are in MississippiStateEastJesus and on opposite ends of campus. This campus has lots of hills. I have 10-15 minutes between each class. So, I'll either be sprinting to class, or investing in a bike and trying not to run people over. This is what happens when you throw me into a big girl school! Pray for me.. and everyone else on this campus. :) Oh, and if I didn't already mention this, I FREAKING LOVE COLLEGE.

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  1. I'm glad your having fun! Enjoy every moment you can because it will fly by. Remember not to have too much fun because you still need to make all A's (haha). I guess B's are acceptable too.
    Love ya!