Friday, November 30, 2012


This is my favorite time of year. I just absolutely love everything about it. I really love that it reminds me to tell people aloud that I'm thankful for them. I always think about what I'm thankful for at night when I'm saying my prayers, but I don't always actually say it to other people. Because that would require participating in the whole feelings thing, and we all know I try to avoid that. I'm snarky, sarcastic, and I basically offend everyone in this entire state when I express my political opinions, but I really do have a big heart with good intentions somewhere deep down inside of me. And that heart really is thankful! Like overwhelmingly thankful. So here it is.

I'm thankful for being a Cacibauda and having a Van Acker personality. Everyone says they are thankful for their family, but I'm particularly thankful for being a Cacibauda because we are fantastically different. I never dread seeing my siblings or going home for a holiday break. A call from a cousin/aunt/uncle doesn't automatically mean someone has died, they usually just want to chat or catch up. I'm not counting down the days until I can move far away from my family so I can only come home for Christmas occasionally. I love and adore my parents, and my brother and sister are my bestest friends in the whole wide world. We love each other AND we like each other. I didn't realize this was something to be thankful for until I started listening to my friends talk about their families.

I'm thankful for my job. It's the ideal college job. No nights or weekends, we get holiday breaks, and my boss is so understanding and flexible. Not to mention I have made some of the sweetest friends there, and the girl that works in the younger 4s room with me is absolutely fantastic! It's my favorite part of every day, other than the part where I collapse on my bed for the night. It's shown me what I'm good at and there's nothing else I could ever imagine doing forever. It's cheesy, but those kids are making me a better person every day. Even when they make me want to PULL MY HAIR OUT.

I'm thankful for the 5th graders I tutored this semester. I really did learn so many things! 1) I NEVER WANT TO TEACH 5TH GRADE. 2) As much as I hate Ocean Springs, I must admit that they have a fantastic school district. Going to a Starkville public school is heartbreaking and proves that the education system in Mississippi is not okay. If you thought my education rants were going to end soon, sorry! I will never stop fighting for those sweet kids. They deserve so much better. 3) Did I mention that 5th grade is NOT for me?

With that being said, I'm thankful I grew up in Mississippi. I grew up surrounded by my extended family and grew up with my cousins. I wouldn't trade my childhood here for anything, but my family has absolutely no desire to stay in MS. I am quite often counting down the years until we can all move and settle down in a place that has seasons. :) I've regretted not taking a year off to move to a different state and go to college there, until this year. Maybe God still has me here because someone has to spread the word about what our terrible education system is doing to these poor kids. I might as well put my big mouth and big heart to use while I'm stuck here, right?

I'm thankful for my sorority. I have always been a non-girly, anti-sorority kind of girl. The idea of being around a big group of girls used to make my stomach hurt. After I absolutely loved living on a hallway with a bunch of girls last year, I figured I'd give it a go and do something way out of my comfort zone. It has turned out to be one of the best decisions I've made and I absolutely love those girls! I still get to be the same well-rounded, sarcastic Alexa and I get to do amazing things to help support St. Jude at the same time. And we all know how much I love babies. If I'm paying for my friends, I'm certainly not paying enough. Love you ladies! DLAM.

I'm thankful for my friends. All of them. My elementary ed friends, my sorority friends, my work friends, my hometown friends, and my new friends too. And thank God for my very bestest friends, because I could not survive without their company during all-nighters, hilarious snapchats, and hugs after a bad day. You know who you are. Thanks for putting up with me!

I'm thankful for the little things that are really big things. Nice people, a coffee pot that starts making coffee before I'm even out of bed, sarcasm, cold weather, a good sense of humor, sweater leggings, and the freedom to wear sweater leggings as pants. Yep. I said it.  

I have everything I could ever need, and I'm just thankful.

I hope everyone is loving this time of year as much as I am! Hug your loved ones!

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