Sunday, June 17, 2012

Five Things My Daddy Taught Me

Everything I've learned from my daddy so far:

1. All those years growing up, a girl's dad always talks about how he's going to threaten.. ahem.. "warn" his little girl's date, boyfriend, or any male that comes within 100 feet of his baby girl. He is not joking, people. My freshman homecoming, freshman prom, and junior prom all started with my wonderful date coming to pick me up from my house, and my dear father saying, "You know.. I have a gun in my closet.. and I know where you live.." Ahem. Let me clear a few things up. 1) That gun is a bajillion years old and they probably don't even make bullets for it anymore. And 2) Of COURSE he knew where they all lived.. THEY WERE HIS STUDENTS! Awkward.

2. One of the most important things to have in life is a sense of humor. My dad is always laughing, that's for sure. He laughs at my jokes, he laughs when I make fun of my mom, and he ALWAYS laughs when I ask for money. I think he's confused about when I'm joking and when I'm serious.

3. For years my dad has been bribing me to do things by saying, "Just think of that beautiful wedding dress I'm going to buy you one day!" When I would make fun of him or not want to do something he would say, "That's $100 off of your wedding dress! I hope your future husband likes potato sacks.. because it looks like that's what you'll be wearing!" So, what did I learn from this? If a man bribes you with money or a pretty dress, do whatever he says! Thanks, Daddy! [I kid.. I kid.. :)]

4. If you do something you love, you will always be happy. For example: I LOVE eating ice cream.. I LOVE giving my parents gray hair.. and I LOVE picking on my little sister. Ya know, this man is a lot smarter than I thought. ;)

5. The day of my graduation, my school had a senior luncheon. I knew teachers did skits, but I was NOT prepared for my dad to walk onto the stage. You know those dreams teenage girls have about their parents embarrassing them in front of the whole school? I had spent all 4 years of my high school at the school my dad taught at and never had to worry about that.. until my senior luncheon. My dad and his band director friends used their musical talents and came up with a song. The title? "If You Touch My Daughter You'll Meet Jesus Tonight." I truly couldn't make this up if I tried. The moral of the story: my daddy will always keep mean boys away from me.. or any boy, apparently. No worries about that wedding dress, because it looks like after that skit I will be FOREVER ALONE. didn't really think I was making that up, did you?
I really wish it was only 30 seconds long, but that's just a clip. It was at least a 3 minute song. It had more than one verse. And a chorus. And ACTUAL SHEET MUSIC. I couldn't have just been blessed with a boring engineer for a dad, huh?

But all embarrassing moments aside, I'd say I'm a pretty lucky girl. Everyone always tells me how great of a band director he is, but what they don't know is that he's an even better dad. Happy Father's Day, Dad. You will always be the only man I let call me a vegetable, and I love you as far as the number line goes.

Love, your Sweet Peas

PS- If you are a cute boy and you are reading this, that crazy man is all talk. He's a big softy! Now, my big brother.. well, that's another story for a different day. :)

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