Friday, July 8, 2011

What uppp, blog world!

I am such a conformist these days.

All two of you who are reading this (one being my mom, the other being my little sister) are probably thinking, "Seriously, Alexa? Your life is not interesting enough for a blog." That is probably true, but all the cool kids are doing it. What can I say? The peer pressure got to me. :) Actually, I really just like the idea of blogs. I like going back and reading the random and ridiculous things that happened to me. Also, I figured it would be a simple way to keep my wonderfully large extended family and those who care informed about my new, exciting adventure also known as college. Because this is when my life gets really wild and exciting.. right? ..Right? :)

Just so we're clear, I speak fluent sarcasm. Only take half of what I say seriously.
Much love :)


  1. You sound just like me when I started! But it's fun, you'll love it. And there's at least three of us now!

  2. Make that four followers. Now, I can relive colllege through your blog...YES!!