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The cold weather (okay, fine, COOLER weather.. this is Mississippi, after all), the holidays, the decorations, the movies, the happiness, the love. Oh, and the food. Let's put food at the beginning of that list.

Anyway, I always like to do a thankful post, so here we go!

1) I'm thankful for these lovely people.
Because, duh. I talk about them enough for you to already know why.

2) I'm thankful for honest toddlers.
Because they are just so damn funny.

At work, after staying up until 4am to finish school work I had to miss for the wedding.
3yo: Ms. Awexa, everyone needs beauty sleep.
Me: Oh yeah?
3yo: Yeah. (pause) You didn't get yours last night, huh?

3yo: You don't sound like Ms. Awexa.
Me: Ms. Alexa is sick right now. I lost my voice, that's why I sound funny. I can't talk very well, so I really need your listening ears turned all the way up so you can hear me, okay?
3yo: My mommy's voice went gone one time. Daddy said it was the best week ever.

Apparently toddlers give themselves pep talks when they are pooping. Kids from my last class used to do it too. HILARIOUS.
3yo: I am great! I can do it! (insert a few words from our Days of the Week song) I am awesome! (singing) My pooo pooo is taking fooorreevverrr. I am such a big boy! (insert lyrics from Katy Perry's "Roar" aka his favorite song)
Fist pumps and ALL, people. I was laughing so hard, tears were streaming down my face.

3yo: Your hair is messy, Ms. Awexa. You look like Buddy.
Me: Who's Buddy?
3yo: A doggy.

Me: Well.. is the doggy cute?
3yo: No.

Kids are the bomb. But the best part of their honesty is when they squeeze your face between their germy hands and make you look into their eyes, and then say in their sweet little voice, "Ms. Awexa, I wove you soooooo much. I weally do." Because you know they really mean it. 

And then they kiss all over your face and you don't know if you should smile or gag, because just 5 minutes ago you were telling them to stop rubbing their mouth all over the floor.

At any point during the last year and a half, have I mentioned that I just love my job SO DARN MUCH? 

My 12 little indians. So, SO blessed & thankful to be their teacher. My hearts.

3) I'm thankful for 3rd grade. 
When I first got assigned to 3rd grade for my practicum this semester, I thought I was going to die. Preschool, Kindergarten, and 1st are my grades of choice. THIRD GRADE? Old kids again after having to tutor 5th grade?! No. NO. 

And my mom was all, "Oh, Alexa, give it a chance!! You don't have to teach 3rd grade when you get a job, but I know you will end up loving it during this semester." She acts like she knows me or something.

So here's what I learned in 3rd grade.

How do you make 3rd graders like you? You don't. It's like the Hunger Games in there. You just show up every week, and at first they stare at you a lot and you stare at them a lot because all that happens in 3rd grade these days is "state testing! we must practice for state testing!" and "common core appropriate, it has to be common core appropriate!!" But then one day you're helping a group of kids with their math facts, or you're helping them with phonics, and you are joking and laughing, and you realize that these yucky 8 and 9-year-olds aren't so yucky after all. They're just some sweet kids who go through some really shitty things that you never even had to think about at that age. Then it's suddenly your last day and they are wrapping themselves around your legs when you are saying bye. And you get sad. And even WORSE, you think you actually really like them.

I know. It's tragic.

I thought I would dread going to the Starkville schools. There are a lot of kids who don't have parents like Joe and Rose Cacibauda, who don't get 3 meals a day on the weekends, who are 8 years old but have the reading level of a 5 year old, who don't even have books at their house. I always swore that even though I want to make a difference and be the world's greatest teacher, I could never work in a low-income area.

There's a reason they say never say never. Starkville is changing my heart more and more every semester, and for that I am so thankful.

4) I'm thankful for those things you forget to be thankful for.
Like coffee from 929, fuzzy socks, and a mom that keeps bugging you for your Christmas list.

Some people just want their mom to acknowledge their existence, and I have one that keeps nagging me for a list of stuff so she can spend her hard-earned money on me. I mean, WHAT? Just thinking about it makes me feel like a terrible person. (I'm working on the list, Mom.. except now I'm just going to feel terribly guilty while making it.)

Things like fall trees and people who give really good hugs. Having the ability to complain about eating too much, because it means I'm not going hungry.

Having to balance school, 2 jobs, and a packed babysitting schedule, because even though it isn't ideal, I love every second of it. And it allows me to have food in my fridge and gas in my car AT THE SAME TIME. Hallelujah.

Friends who know when they should show up with coffee and a hug, and when they should show up with wine.

Things like the winter edition oreos with the red cream in the middle, because who ISN'T thankful for oreos?

5) Finally, I'm thankful for Dane Knight.
Sometimes you meet someone and you just know they make the world a little brighter, you know? That's how I felt when I first met my friend Dane at a SEARCH retreat back in high school, and he gave me the biggest, warmest hug, even though my team and I were being obnoxious and he had known me for approximately 68 seconds. My best friend, Jen, was his SEARCH "mom", so our groups did a lot together. If you've been to a SEARCH retreat, you know how close everyone gets, and that was just the beginning of an awesome friendship God would bless me with for years after that weekend.

Awkward side hug phase of the friendship. Glad that only lasted for the 2 seconds it took to take this picture.

Dane left behind all of us here on Earth last weekend.

I've experienced acquaintances and classmates passing away before. I've watched stuff on the news and read articles that are always circulating on the internet. But you never really feel like losing one of your really good friends is something that could happen. I mean, we're so young, right? We are supposed to live until we are 80 or 90. I'm not supposed to be going to funerals for people who are younger than me when I'm only 20.

They tell you life is short. Cherish every moment. Appreciate those around you. But somehow we forget those cliches when our busy lives suck us in, don't we? The day before Dane left us, I was speed walking to my car on campus when I heard, "ALEXA!" And when I turned, there was my sweet friend with his big, contagious smile and his arms outstretched, ready for a hug. We talked for a quick second and made plans to get ice cream over the weekend when I had more time, but I was so focused on getting to work. When I left, I told him to take care of himself and that I loved him. Dane said, "I'll try. I love you and your next hug is on the way!" Our little inside joke that was always so comforting to hear. I laughed and ran off to work, fully unaware that I was seeing my sweet friend for the last time. So cliche, you know? Being in a hurry. Too consumed by your busy life right before someone leaves you forever.

Dane was just one of those really great friends that you don't come across very often. We lived 45 minutes apart on the coast, but he would make the drive and meet me in D'Iberville just to get some ice cream at that random little place in The Promenade that we loved to go to.

I'm still really sorry for accidentally posting this awkward picture of you on facebook, and then you had to inform everyone that you were just eating ice cream. :)

Last semester, we both had a class in Carpenter, and every day we would meet by the steps and talk about our day so far and what we were going to eat for lunch. And even though we did it Monday-Thursday, he still greeted me with a big smile and a hug. Every single day.

But my all time favorite example of Dane's kind heart is in these three pictures from our snow day last year that Jen just happened to capture.

He threw a snowball at me and hit me on my back. I turned around laughing, and he already had his arm outstretched for a hug to make up for it. He made me turn around so he could brush the snow off my back, and then pulled me in to take a picture. I remember laughing at him and telling him that most people don't hit someone with a snowball and then insist on brushing the snow off of them.

But that's just the way Dane was. And you just don't come across friends like that very often.

We love our Dane-o.
Bulldog Bash 2011

Jen found a video from when you and Clint came to Starkville to visit during our freshman year. It was from that night we had WAY too much fun and Baughman lost his keys. And for a reason I cannot remember whatsoever, you and Baughman were rolling down the hill next to Critz. We were all laughing so hard and so much, and it was the best sound.

After said hill-rolling. That smile could make anyone's day.

Everyone misses you so much already. We talk about you and think of you often. I actually didn't plan on putting this in my blog post, but writing it out almost kind of helps, you know? 

I kept looking for you on campus this week, and I even walked past Carpenter hoping I'd run into you so I could tell you about my awful lunch that consisted of a poptart and gatorade. Missing you hurts so, so much. So much that sometimes I don't really know what our friends and your family and everyone is going to do. But I know that when our friends get together and we are able to laugh and be silly, like the way Amber, Mary Beth, Matt, and I were on our long drive back from your funeral, you are looking out for us and giving us some peace. But even so, every time our friends are together, a piece of us is missing. We love you.

I expect our next hug to be as obnoxious as our first "your hug is on the way" hug, when you got a running start and ambushed me in the middle of the main room at Dedeaux. Until that day, I'll be missing you.

I am and always have been so thankful for you.

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